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The refresher course is specially designed to cater to individuals who have successfully obtain their driving license but hope to improve on their driving skills. This course aims to increase the confidence of drivers and instill a safety driving concept into drivers.

There are many circumstances in which people return to driving but aren't fully confident of their abilities and refresher courses are of great benefit. All Refresher lessons are designed to suit your needs. During the first lesson our instructor will first take you for an assessment lesson to appraise your ability and knowledge gaps, after which you can then both decide the training plan that bests suits you.

A refresher driving course can help clear all doubts you may have and will give you the confidence to get back behind the wheel. After a refresher course you'll be a relaxed, confident driver who feels safe driving again.

Refresher Driving Lessons can also be very useful for people of all ages for a variety of reasons.

  • Regain confidence after an accident
  • Mandatory requirement following a driving offence
  • Improve driving performance
  • Not driven for a while
  • Changed from manual to automatic or vice-versa
  • To brush up on latest and correct methods to aid son/daughter/partner who is learning to drive

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