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Driving Tuition
Many people find that the most flexible way of learning to drive is by taking individual lessons that can be arranged to suit you.

2 Hours for £49

Depending on the area & time of day the lesson price varies & we often run special promotions in certain areas - so its always best to ring the Hotline to confirm. Lessons can be prepaid by cheque to the instructor, by credit/debit card over the telephone or by cash to the instructor. Following the first lesson we do ask pupils to pay either in a block or one lesson in advance.

For your security we do ask that if you are paying the instructor by cash in advance that you do have him sign your appointment card to confirm receipt.

It is the aim of Diesel Driving School instructor to bring you up to an independent level as quickly as you can progress. Pupils do learn at different speed, some subjects might require more work than some others. Learning to become a safe driver do take time.

After a certain amount of lessons you will be getting close to "test standard". This will be explained a bit more in depth by your instructor. You will be given the opportunity to do a "mock test" to check how ready you are. This invaluable exercise will be of great benefit to you, as it will demonstrate how you are coping in a test situation. Some do better than others. But it will give you the opportunity to see where you are.

Finally, assuming you have already passed your theory test, you will be able to book your practical test. Soon your hard work will pay off. Very well done...

All lesson bookings and cancellations must be notified by telephone during office hours, unfortunately we cannot accept notification by e-mail.